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Excess heat is world’s largest untapped source of energy

By District Energy posted 03-15-2023 10:19


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Danfoss President & CEO Kim Fausing says it is remarkable that the EU has "close to no initiatives that push for more efficient use of the vast amounts of wasted energy in the form of excess heat." New whitepaper details that it would give a productivity boost to the economy, lower energy prices for consumers and businesses and accelerate the green transition.

A new whitepaper from Danfoss, the Danish family-controlled engineering group, highlights the vast untapped potential of excess heat as a source of energy. In the EU alone, excess heat amounts to 2,860 TWh/y, corresponding almost to the EU's total energy demand for heat and hot water in residential and service sector buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices and shopping centres.

A full implementation of technologies that tap into synergies between different sectors and enable a utilisation of excess heat has the potential to save EUR 67.4 bn a year once fully implemented in 2050.

Every time an engine runs, it generates heat. Anyone who has felt the warmth behind their fridge can confirm this. The same is true on a larger scale in supermarkets, data centres, factories, wastewater facilities, metro stations and commercial buildings. Excess heat can be reused to supply a factory with heat and warm water or reused by neighbouring homes and industries through a district energy system.

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