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First geothermal heating plant in Finland starts operations

By District Energy posted 03-15-2023 11:42


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The geothermal heating plant built by QHeat for Vantaan Energia in the district of Varisto in Vantaa, Finland has started operations. This marks the first time that geothermal heat has been used for a district heating network in Finland.

The plant consists of three heating wells about 800 metres deep. The estimated annual energy production of the wells is 2,600 MWh which corresponds to the annual heating demand of about 130 private houses. We had previously reported on the investment aid for this project, as well as the completion of drilling of the first thermal well.

In recent years, Vantaan Energia has made significant investments in carbon footprint reduction of district heating and the company aims to ensure that the heat in the heating network comes entirely from renewable energy sources. As part of its climate objectives, Vantaan Energia will phase out fossil fuels in energy production as quickly as possible and move towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

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