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New Social Sciences building solar panel wall is a promising sign for future sustainability

By District Energy posted 03-15-2023 07:19


The Gaunlet


In February, the University of Calgary completed the installation of a solar panel wall on the south side of the Social Sciences building in an exciting step to further its Climate Action Plan. 

Though the Energy Efficiency Program is in its final year, energy-efficient buildings are another important part of the Climate Action Plan. 

“Every time we add a new building, we of course have the potential to grow our greenhouse emission current,” Perdue said. “So how do you get to zero when you’re still growing? And this is a challenge for many organizations. So working in partnership with Boris on many projects, we design the new buildings to be ultra energy efficient while maintaining healthy indoor air quality for people.” 

 Looking forward to future projects, one of the core areas is decarbonization of the district energy system. 

“We have a district energy system based on natural gas, so what we’re working on now is the planning study of the decarbonization of that system,” said Perdue. “As we look forward for the next 20, 30, 50 years for the university, what does that energy system of the future look like? We’ve identified that this is a key opportunity for the university in terms of reaching that long-range goal, and towards the end of the year we’ll have the outcomes of that study and that’s going to give us a direction in terms of where we head next.” 

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