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Nuclear: taking the heat out of carbon

By District Energy posted 03-19-2023 09:34


Nuclear Engineering International


Nuclear has clear benefits in terms of net zero electricity options. But when it comes down to the tough nut of low-carbon heating, it’s a hands down winner.

District heating and combined heat and power are well known approaches that can improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon impact of space and water heating. However, while far more prevalent in continental Europe and Asia, especially China, their uptake has been decidedly muted in some regions. That must change but there also needs to be a rethink when it comes to fuelling district heating networks.

China is taking a lead here by developing nuclear powered heating networks. The country’s largest nuclear heating network to date, Warm-U-Clear-1, was commissioned last November. Developed by the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), the project brings nuclear warmth to some 200,000 people living in Haiyang, which has been declared the nation’s first ‘zero-carbon’ heating city.

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