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Cornell Aims to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2035. Here’s How.

By District Energy posted 03-22-2023 21:30


Environment + Energy Leader


Cornell University is taking a multifaceted approach to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. The University, with a focus on reducing energy consumption, investing in renewable energy, promoting sustainable transportation, and leveraging its research and education programs to advance sustainability that aligns with the University’s Quadruple Bottom Line Sustainability Framework.

The greenest energy, and the best for reducing climate change impacts, is the energy we never use. Cornell University has seen flat energy use since 2000 as a result of energy conservation efforts, in spite of campus square footage growing by 20% during that same time. – Cornell University

Investing in Renewable Energy

  • Steam to low-temperature hot water heat distribution conversion
  • Heat campus with renewable energy: Develop Earth Source Heat
  • Power campus with 100% renewable electricity
  • Optimize campus energy systems for renewables

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