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Industrial Waste Heat Could Power Millions of Homes in Europe

By District Energy posted 03-22-2023 21:34




The European institutions have therefore a fundamental role in designing this decade and the trajectory through 2050 by undertaking a serious discussion on the future of the European economic and social architecture, also evaluating which measures can be implemented to combine the clean energy transition project with a long-term industrial strategy.

Waste heat recovery represents a leading technology to harness such an important energy source, generating energy (electricity and heat) without emissions of additional CO2 and, consequently, it should be treated as a fully renewable source.

Waste heat can, in fact, be used either directly in district heating and cooling, and to convert residual, low-grade heat into useful power for self-consumption, in production processes or delivered to the grid.

Utilizing waste heat and cascading its use can help decarbonize hard-to-abate industries and cities, and deliver systems integration locally and industrial symbiosis. Excess heat can become one of the main sources of clean heat and power generation, thus playing a key role in the global path toward decarbonization.

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