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Quebec announces 162 million to recover thermal waste

By District Energy posted 03-22-2023 19:53


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(Montreal) Quebec announces funding of 162 million to valorize thermal discharges from large industrial facilities.

The government thus wishes to encourage the implementation of projects that will reduce energy waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the heating of large buildings.

Environment Minister Benoit Charette took advantage of his visit to Americana, an environmental forum in Montreal, to make the announcement.

Several industrial facilities produce large thermal releases to the environment. This heat is neither recovered nor valorized and “the program will offer financial assistance aimed at supporting the establishment of projects allowing the capture of thermal discharges from industrial companies in order to valorize and distribute them so that the energy that can be used to heat various large buildings,” reads the government press release.

Minister Benoit Charette explained that the organization that emits heat can sell it to another, thus reaping financial benefits from its emissions.

“Then, the organization receiving this heat can realize substantial energy savings by heating its facilities with energy without GHG emissions,” the statement issued by the government states.

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