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Setting the blueprint for green workplaces in the years to come

By District Energy posted 03-22-2023 21:38


The Scotsman


Scotland is rapidly approaching its net zero deadline of 2045. When these sorts of targets are set by the government they can seem so far away in the future. To organisations and businesses who are just trying to survive, they can seem irrelevant to the here and now. But in terms of investment, infrastructure, and property, 2045 is just around the corner and must be at the forefront of organisational thinking.

At Clyde Gateway, Scotland’s first Green Regeneration Innovation District, offices are becoming more sustainable with the installation of a 5th generation district heating and cooling system. This cutting-edge technology allows the separate heating and cooling of each building by virtue of the configuration of the heat pumps. The ground-breaking project is one of Scotland’s most innovative and sustainable district heating systems. It will utilise wastewater as an energy source and the heat pump technology will be supported by photovoltaic panels to provide electricity.

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