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District Energy Utility would provide clean, affordable energy to local homes and businesses

By District Energy posted 03-29-2023 16:21


City of Burnaby


Burnaby City Council has directed staff to continue work to develop a District Energy Utility (DEU) that, once established, would take clean thermal energy captured from Metro Vancouver’s Waste-to-Energy (WTE) facility to provide heat and hot water to Burnaby homes and businesses.

“Burnaby is making bold moves on climate action and creating our own District Energy Utility will deliver huge carbon reductions, while at the same time delivering a safe, reliable, resilient and affordable heating to local buildings,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “These are the kinds of innovative solutions we need as we move to circular economy and forge a path to a carbon neutral future.”

Approximately 38% of carbon emissions in Burnaby come from buildings. By using the captured heat from the WTE facility, replacing carbon intensive fuels like natural gas, the City anticipates reducing the equivalent of 22,400 tonnes of CO2 annually.

The City intends to begin by introducing the service in the Metrotown and Edmonds neighbourhoods, where almost half of Burnaby’s residential growth over the next 20 years is expected to occur. Last year, Metro Vancouver announced an agreement with River District Energy to supply heat from the WTE facility to that Vancouver neighbourhood starting in 2025. A feasibility study commissioned by Metro Vancouver found that there is sufficient energy produced at its facility to serve the Metrotown and Edmonds neighbourhoods, as well as the River District in Vancouver, with the potential to expand in the future. 

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