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Want to choose a climate-friendly college? Here are some standouts.

By District Energy posted 04-04-2023 14:04


Washington Post


Climate change is on the minds of many in the future Class of 2027, and could be a critical factor in how current high-schoolers make their final college choices in the coming weeks. For many prospective students, climate change is an existential threat; as a result, colleges and universities across the country are seeking and finding innovative ways to curb their emissions and become more environmentally sustainable.

Some large institutions have been at the forefront of efforts toward sustainability, but the push is growing as colleges of all sizes step up efforts to lead the fight, from small liberal arts colleges in the rural Midwest to some of the largest universities in the country. Many are also adopting solutions specific to their local community or environment, including IDEA Members - 

Ball State University - fires up a greener system for heating
University of Iowa - using resources from its backyard
Arizona State University - proving big schools can make big changes, too

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