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Richmond to hold open house for ongoing capital constructions, including developments connected to district energy

By District Energy posted 04-11-2023 16:37


Richmond News


Richmond residents will get to hear from city staff about more than 50 capital projects around the city both in-person and online later this month, including:

  • New development connecting to Alexandra District Energy Utility – Primstone Gardens (4008 Stolberg Street)
  • New development connecting to Oval Village District Energy Utility – Onni Riva 4 (7009 River Parkway)

“The City is excited to showcase over 50 upcoming and ongoing capital projects that will provide long-lasting, sustainable and accessible facilities and amenities for Richmond residents,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“The diverse portfolio of projects aligns with Council’s social, environmental and economic priorities. The capital budget ensures Richmond’s infrastructure supports the growing community and ensures the city is well protected from environmental impacts.”

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