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Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 30%: Humber launches project to bring the college closer to carbon neutrality

By District Energy posted 04-18-2023 12:42


Humber College has launched Project SWITCH which will bring the college closer to carbon neutrality while offering academic engagement opportunities for students.

SWITCH is an infrastructure project that directly addresses heating and cooling systems, the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions at Humber’s North Campus. The project will reduce reliance on natural gas by switching from a steam-based system, constructed in 1972, to a modern hot water system generating heat mostly using electricity, the college said in a news release. The project will have a financial return while decreasing energy use and reducing natural gas use by 70 per cent at the North Campus.

The project is a joint effort with energy and sustainability staff and students in various academic programs, in partnership with Ecosystem, an engineering and construction company.

SWITCH is part of Humber's Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP), a 20-year strategy that guides campus development and operations to prioritize environmental protection and the health of our communities.

SWITCH will also serve as a Living Lab for students and will provide Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities.

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