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Michigan Community Celebrates Henry Ford College and Johnson Controls Investments in a Sustainable Energy Future

By District Energy posted 04-18-2023 13:04


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A Henry Ford College Integrated Energy Master Plan, supported by a $3.1 million appropriation secured by Senator Debbie Stabenow, includes replacement of a 60-year-old network with a modern district heating solution and a new Living Learning Energy Center for workforce innovation.

 U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), alongside leaders from Henry Ford College (HFC), Johnson Controls, and Garforth International, today celebrated a $3.1 million appropriation to support a sustainability initiative that demonstrates how schools, cities and organizations across the U.S. can reach their net zero targets, as well as train the next generation of energy leadership. 

"At Henry Ford College, our mission is student success in all its forms," said Russ Kavalhuna, president, Henry Ford College. "We are grateful to Senator Stabenow for her unwavering support, and for her hard work in securing this appropriation, which will support our students in valuable ways. We believe a better future for our students and community includes a healthy planet, community, and a sustainable energy model. This is one reason we are pleased to partner with companies like Johnson Controls to invest in the sustainability of our facilities and the career pathways of our students. We hope our College will serve as a model to like-minded institutions that are ready to embark on their own sustainable energy and curricular innovation journeys."

The creation and expansion of HFC's Energy Technology Program is supported by the Johnson Controls Community College Partnership Program, a major philanthropic initiative aimed at investing some $15 million in community colleges across North America. 

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