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Rolls calls fuel cell system tests successful

By District Energy posted 04-19-2023 08:37


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Rolls-Royce said tests of its first mtu fuel cell demonstrator have proven that the system can provide uninterruptible power in the event of a blackout.

Dr. Philippe Gorse, responsible for the development of the mtu fuel cell system at the business unit Power Systems of Rolls-Royce, the 250 kW system built at the company’s headquarters in Friedrichshafen and tested for about a year “absolutely met our expectations”.

As part of the publicly funded Enerport II project, Duisport, one of the world’s largest inland ports, will commission a new terminal with a hydrogen-based supply network during 2024. In the future, most of the electrical and thermal energy required in the port will be generated directly on-site from hydrogen in a CO2-neutral manner. This will be ensured by two mtu fuel cell systems and two combined heat and power plants with mtu Series 4000 hydrogen engines. This project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

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