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How important is it for businesses to prioritize energy efficiency?

By District Energy posted 04-25-2023 16:48


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To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the world must achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This will be a challenge particularly when the global population is expected to grow by two billion and the global economy is expected to double. This growth will increase the energy demand, however, critical processes can’t stop, so instead, they need to become more energy efficient.

Since 45 per cent of the world’s electricity is used to power electric motors in buildings and industrial applications, any investment in upgrading the equipment used in these systems will yield significant rewards in terms of efficiency, CO2 reductions and sustainability.

Only 23 per cent of the world’s motors are equipped with a drive – that figure should be closer to 50 per cent. Adding a drive to an existing motor of a pump, fan, or compressor, can typically reduce power consumption by at least 25 per cent. When combined, energy-efficient motor and drive technologies can have a major impact.

Low-harmonic drives enable us to maintain a better power factor, while also ensuring that we don’t distort the overall network. UAE is distinguished from the District Cooling industry and was the first to mandate energy-efficient solutions and specific standards for that segment to make it very efficient and more environment-friendly.

Energy-efficient motors with variable speed drives offer significant energy savings in District Cooling applications to help operate in a much more reliable and efficient way. Adopting flexible automation and digital solutions helps in better and faster decision-making that supports energy conservation.

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