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UDC wins 4 ‘Green Apple’ awards for environment, sustainability achievements at The Pearl Island

By District Energy posted 05-09-2023 23:44


Gulf Times


United Development Company (UDC), the master developer of The Pearl and Gewan islands was honoured with four international environment and sustainability awards by the Green Apple Organisation, in recognition of its significant achievements in the areas of pollution control, energy efficiency, water management, and carbon reduction, all of which are crucial in advancing environmental improvement and sustainable development.

The world’s largest district cooling plant is located in The Pearl Island, providing the community with eco-friendly cooling while minimising greenhouse gas emissions. The plant has saved over 1.7bn KWH in energy, in turn removing over 950mn KG of CO2 from the atmosphere, since 2010. If converted, the CO2 reduction is the same as removing over 182,000 cars from our roads or planting over 11mn mature trees, which would populate over 32,000 football grounds.

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