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UW envisions reducing its carbon footprint in 2023 and beyond

By District Energy posted 05-09-2023 10:01


The Daily


Over the past 50 years, UW has enacted sustainability practices such as energy conservation and waste reduction, winning awards among universities across the nation. Earlier this school year, the UW Board of Regents voted to divest from fossil fuels, tackling the university’s new initiative: to reduce its carbon footprint. 

David Woodson, executive director of UW Campus Energy, Utilities & Operations and a UW alum, is one of the pioneers of this vision. Woodson cites the smart grid project as one of UW’s many commendable sustainability projects, and shares that his main drive now is to decarbonize the steam plant and reinvest in energy infrastructure on campus.

According to Woodson, 93% of UW’s carbon emissions come from the natural gas burned from the steam plant. In order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is essential to address how buildings are heated — the primary use of the steam plant. 

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