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Beat the heat: How chilled water can help to keep cities cool with a smaller carbon footprint

By District Energy posted 05-23-2023 13:44


The Straits Times


The heat has been bordering on the unbearable this month, with temperatures soaring to a record-equalling high of 37 deg C on May 13, notably in Ang Mo Kio.

Chances are you sought relief in the cool comfort of air-conditioned spaces, such as our shopping centres, offices and homes.

But here’s the catch: By switching on your air-conditioner, you are making your days and nights warmer.

By the end of this century, carbon emissions from air-conditioning can result in up to 0.5 deg C in global warming by 2100, according to the World Economic Forum. This is enough to increase sea levels by 6cm.

Studies have shown that air-conditioning uses up to half of a building's energy, making buildings and homes the second-largest source of carbon emissions in Singapore, after the industrial sector.

So how can we stay cool without increasing our carbon footprint?

One solution: By cooling multiple buildings and malls with a network of insulated pipes filled with chilled water from centralised cooling plants. Known as a district cooling network, this solution provides effective air-conditioning while reducing carbon emissions.

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