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Food for thought: how to decarbonise primary food processing?

By District Energy posted 05-23-2023 13:31




Primary food processors are a crucial element of the agri-food chain. Linking farmers to markets, primary food processors turn agricultural crops into the ingredients necessary to produce the plant-based food consumed by millions of EU citizens every day.
These ingredients are central to the EU’s food security: flour, sugar, starch, vegetable oils, protein meal, cocoa, and vegetable proteins are to a large extent staple foodstuffs. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has highlighted how severely disruptions to the availability of some of these ingredients can impact European citizens.
Many of our production processes are energy intensive, requiring large volumes of heat and electricity. Over the years our industries have worked to lower our environmental footprints, doing  our part to make our food system more sustainable, while continuing to deliver the plant-based products vital to our customers.
More needs to be done, no doubt about it, if we are to reach climate neutrality. In the following paragraphs, we want to outline some of the concrete steps our industries can take to get there by 2050.

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