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Geothermal baths being considered in Koluszki, Poland

By District Energy posted 05-25-2023 12:56


Think GeoEnergy


The town of Koluszki in Lodz Voivodeship of Poland is currently considering the use of potential geothermal resources either to put up a thermal bath facility or a district heating system. To this end, a team of experts from Iceland will be visiting the commune to assess the geothermal potential of the area.

The potential geothermal resource in Koluszki had already been identified by the Polish Geological Survey following a preliminary assessment done in January of this year. The Polish Geological Survey recommended further investment steps for the region, while also recognizing that there remains a significant risk of failure for the project.

The geothermal resource has an expected temperature of 42 degrees Celsius at a planned depth of 1.6 kilometers.. The authorities of Koluszki would like to use the thermal water for district heating. Another possibility being explored is balneotherapy, or to simply put up thermal baths similar to those found in the spa town of Uniejow.

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