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McMaster greenhouse to become a geothermal gem

By District Energy posted 05-30-2023 17:12


Daily Commercial News


Construction is underway on a massive, new, state-of-the-art greenhouse at the McMaster University campus in Hamilton, Ont. that will be heated and cooled with emissions-free geothermal energy.

The 11,400-square-foot, custom-built greenhouse, now under construction next to the Life Sciences Building, will be the first on campus to use a sustainable geothermal system to fully regulate the temperature.

“McMaster’s Net Zero Carbon Roadmap includes exploring geothermal technology on campus and this will be the first building on campus to use this technology,” explains Dave Cano, director of sustainability at the university. “This is a pilot project that will provide valuable learnings in terms of implementing geothermal heat exchange across campus as part of McMaster’s net-zero plan

The greenhouse geothermal system is the second at the campus, but it is the first geothermal exchange system.

A system installed at the Gerald Hatch Centre on campus is a seasonal thermal storage system.

“We use it to store waste thermal energy from a combined heat and power system operated in the summer for direct heating or heating with extremely high COPs in the winter,” explains Cano.

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