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Europe to add over 43 million heat pumps by 2030, providing heat to half its buildings

By District Energy posted 06-21-2023 10:45


Renewable Energy Magazine


New projections from the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) reveal that European countries will be able to add around 43.2 million heating and hot water pumps in the next eight years, on top of the current 20 million installed.

The total heat pump stock will be close to 60 million units (since some of the ‘new’ heat pumps will be replacing older ones) by the end of 2030. These will provide about half of Europe’s buildings with renewable heating. They will also provide renewable cooling.

The calculations are based on aggregated expert guidance from EHPA’s national member associations.

The number of Europeans benefitting from clean heat could even be higher, as heat pumps in district heating are seeing a steep increase in demand, but current statistics do not yet properly reflect their value. The increase in heat pumps by 2030 will also bring stability to Europe’s electric grid and contribute to cleaner air for all Europeans.

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