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New York City is getting its biggest battery system yet

By District Energy posted 06-28-2023 09:49


Canary Media


New York City’s biggest battery system is about to enter into service — just in time to alleviate stress on the electric grid from millions of whirring air-conditioners and spinning fans during the summer season.

Con Edison, the city’s biggest utility, said it will flip the switch next week on a 7.5-megawatt/30-megawatt-hour battery system in Staten Island. The system will fill up with grid power at night, when demand is typically low and electricity is less expensive. As the sweltering heat pushes people to consume more power, the battery can return that electricity over a period of four hours.

We are deploying batteries to help maintain the industry-leading reliable electric service that our region needs and our customers deserve,” Matthew Ketschke, Con Edison’s president, said on Tuesday during the NYC Solar and Storage Summit in Manhattan.

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