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How Chicago Solves its Overheating Problem

By District Energy posted 07-12-2023 09:53


Stewart Hicks YouTube Channel

Discover the innovative approaches Chicago has taken to beat the sweltering summer heat in this tour. Despite being notorious for its brutal winters, the city also faces scorching summers that pose deadly risks. Learn how design-related initiatives implemented after a devastating heatwave in 1995 have revolutionized the way Chicago keeps its citizens cool and safe. From green roofs that reduce indoor temperatures by 30–40°F to district cooling systems that save space, energy, and costs, this video explores a range of passive strategies that combat urban heat without relying solely on air conditioning. Join the journey and witness the remarkable ways Chicago stays cool! Staying cool in a hot city isn't just about cranking up the air conditioning; it's about smart design choices that minimize environmental impact.

One of the tools used to provide cooling is Centrio's largest district cooling system in the US, these passive strategies demonstrate that cooling a city can be sustainable and efficient.