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DOE Selects Nine Organizations to Decarbonize America’s Industrial Sector

By District Energy posted 07-13-2023 11:50


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The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO) announced the selection of nine organizations—eight regional and one national—that will establish a network of Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPs) to help industrial facilities and other large energy users increase the adoption of onsite energy technologies.

The organizations will receive up to $23 million in federal funding for multi-year technical assistance activities to accelerate the integration and deployment of clean energy technologies to drive U.S. industrial decarbonization, productivity and competitiveness.

The eight regional organizations selected each represent a multi-state region and will serve as the primary technical, market and policy point of contact for end-users and other state and local stakeholders. The national selectee, the University of Connecticut, will serve as the Onsite Energy Technical Analysis and Support Center (TASC) and centrally coordinate technical analysis and programmatic activities of the Onsite Energy TAPs.

The TAPs will have expertise to advise on a wide variety on technologies, including battery storage, combined heat and power (CHP), district energy, fuel cells, geothermal, industrial heat pumps, renewable fuels, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, thermal storage and wind power.

IEDO’s selections were made from the following topic areas: 

  • Topic 1 - Regional Onsite TAPs
  • Topic 2 - Onsite Energy Technical Analysis and Support Center

Topic 1: Regional Onsite TAPs

  • Pennsylvania State University | Mid-Atlantic & NY-NJ
  • University of Illinois Chicago | Midwest & Central
  • Houston Advanced Research Center | Southcentral
  • University of New Hampshire | New England
  • Washington State University | Northwest
  • Cascade Energy, Inc. | Upper-West
  • North Carolina State University | Southeast
  • Optony, Inc. | Western

Topic 2: Onsite Energy Technical Analysis and Support Center

  • University of Connecticut

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