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Paving the way for sustainable cities

By District Energy posted 07-17-2023 09:17




With average temperatures rising, it is imperative that we turn our attention to Australia’s urban centres to both mitigate and adapt to climate change. While cities cover a mere three per cent of the Earth's land, they account for a staggering two-thirds of global energy consumption and 70 per cent of CO2 emissions.Enter Alfa Laval, a company with nearly a century of expertise in heat transfer efficiency and recovery.

The implementation of district cooling systems presents an exciting opportunity for Australia to enhance its urban sustainability and energy efficiency. District cooling involves centralised cooling plants that distribute chilled water through a network of underground pipes to cool multiple buildings simultaneously. This approach eliminates the need for individual air conditioning units in each building, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia, with its warm climate and densely populated urban centres, can greatly benefit from district cooling, taking inspiration from places like Singapore, Middle East and Europe where the model is well established. District cooling can provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative by leveraging economies of scale and optimising energy usage.

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