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With ‘great realisation’ comes great solutions

By District Energy posted 08-07-2023 17:18


The Business Times


As a utility player, Engie surprised a number of its stakeholders in 2015 – from employees to shareholders – when it pivoted its business model towards prioritising sustainability, in response to the looming impact of climate change. 

Thomas Baudlot, the chief executive of Engie South East Asia, recalled how the Paris Agreement in 2015 brought “great realisation” that the company would not be able to continue its business as-is, because “it would simply not be sustainable for (the) planet”. 

Engie is also cutting its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by at least 90 per cent compared to 2017, and it plans to work on the development of carbon sinks to neutralise its residual emissions over the long term. 

Engie is one of three winners of the Impact Enterprise Excellence Award for large enterprises in the inaugural Sustainability Impact Awards organised by UOB and BT. Judges recognised its commitment to providing sustainable solutions, such as district cooling and sustainable mobility, and its work at the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore, a platform dedicated to designing, demonstrating, and testing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for South-east Asia.

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