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The IEA reports energy efficiency must be doubled by 2030

By District Energy posted 08-22-2023 13:10




The International Energy Agency calls for increase in annual energy efficiency progress from 2.2% to 4% by 2030 to maintain 1.5C goal says Dr Fatih Birol.

The IEA’s technology programme provides the basis for international public and private research partnerships, supporting the work of independent, international groups of experts that enable governments and industries from around the world to lead programmes and projects on a wide range of energy technologies and related issues. 

Projects within the ‘Today in the Lab, Tomorrow in Energy’ collection include:

  • Realising methanol’s potential as a motor fuel
  • Unlocking the potential of bioenergy with carbon capture and utilisation or storage (BECCUS)
  • Overcoming the challenges of combining combustion fuels with low-carbon fuels
  • More flexibility for more renewables in grid-connected heat supply
  • High-performance transport materials for thermally sensitive vaccines
  • Very large thermal energy storage for renewable districts
  • Capturing the energy beneath our feet
  • Demonstrating the potential of heat pumps in multi-family buildings
  • Proving the viability of underground hydrogen storage
  • Hydrogen meets batteries: hydrides for solid state batteries

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