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2G Energy extends product portfolio to high-capacity heat pumps

By District Energy posted 09-11-2023 13:49


2G Energy


By acquiring the Dutch heat pump manufacturer NRGTEQ, 2G Energy adds another innovative
division to its core cogeneration business. The strong political will to partially electrify the heating
sector is now reflected in the 2G Energy portfolio.

Recent energy-political discussions have proven that the heat pump is an essential tool for the
decarbonization of the heating sector. 2G pays heed to this development by acquiring the company
NRGTEQ from Rosmalen in the Netherlands. The acquisition will take effect on September 01st, 2023.
Over the past few years, the high-capacity heating pump manufacturer founded in 2010 installed
hundreds of systems across commercial enterprises, industries, and utilities. NRGTEQ possesses an
immense amount of technical expertise in the development and design of heating supply projects in the
upper output echelons.

The high quality of NRGTEQ products and the fitting product range led to the
decision of acquiring the company, as CEO Christian Grotholt explains: “The products by NRGTEQ are a
perfect complement to our product portfolio in terms of their output. Prospectively, our heat pumps will
range from 200 to 1,000 kW thermal output, which works perfectly alongside our CHP systems. Looking
at the increasingly volatile energy prices, operators of our complete systems can always adapt to the
market situation.” The Dutch facilities will remain as development and regional sales location under the
2G banner. The heat pump production will gradually be moved to Heek over the coming months.

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