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Paris expands district cooling system ahead of 2024 Olympics

By District Energy posted 09-12-2023 15:23




Reuters has reported that the City of Paris plans to expand its underground urban cooling network that uses water from the River Seine to maintain low temperatures in public buildings.

The system, the largest is Europe, was initially intended to sustainably air condition notable cultural buildings such as the Louvre, the Grand Palais and retail sites. But now it has been extended to serve new clients in all Paris arrondissements including education and healthcare settings, day care centres and retirement homes. It will also be used to cool buildings that will be used in the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

Last year, Fraîcheur de Paris, a jointly owned company of ENGIE (85 per cent) and French public transport company RATP (15 per cent), became the operator. Its 20-year concession covers the production, storage, transport and distribution of the city’s cooling energy.

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