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Almost half of Glasgow homes could be heated by district heat networks

By District Energy posted 09-14-2023 07:04


Project Scotland


ALMOST half of Glasgow’s residents could have their homes heated by district heating networks, a new Glasgow City Council report has revealed.

The local heat and energy efficiency strategy (LHEES) report revealed that initial findings indicate that the development of heat networks has the potential to reach up to 46% of Glasgow’s population, with 21 zones identified as having potential for viable district heating systems.

Glasgow City Council said options for sources of energy for future district heating networks could include extracting natural heat from the River Clyde by using water source heat pumps; using the energy from waste created at plants such as the Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy centre; drawing heat from deep geothermal wells; tapping into the city’s wastewater system; extracting the heat found in flooded, former mine workings; and capturing waste heat from buildings such as distilleries, supermarkets, laundrettes, and bakeries.

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