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Croatia wants to turn superhot underground lake into 16MW power plant

By District Energy posted 10-11-2023 15:32




A Croatian energy company has discovered an underwater lake of superheated water that could supply the country’s far north with clean geothermal electricity.

The find was the result of a two-year study by state-run power company Bukotermal that sought to find suitable sites for the exploitation of the energy source, generated by heat from the Earth’s core.  

The research verified the presence of a geothermal water source at Lunjkovec – Kutnjak field, located in the Varazdin County, close to the border with Hungary. The underground lake, located at a depth of 2.4 kilometres, has an average temperature of 142.03 degrees Celsius.

Varazdin County confirmed on Tuesday that the site meets all the requirements for the construction of a 16MW geothermal power plant. That’s enough energy to supply tens of thousands of homes.

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