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Swedish electricity supplier embraces sustainable retrofit solution

By District Energy posted 10-12-2023 12:48




As part of its efforts to achieve net zero fossil carbon dioxide emissions, Mälarenergi has partnered with ABB to upgrade its switchgear with retrofit solutions at its cogeneration plant in Västerås.

By replacing the plant's aging circuit breakers with modern Emax2 models – featuring Ekip Hi-Touch relay protection and energy metering – the electrical circuits are not only fully protected, but feature new technologies that reduce energy consumption, saving valuable time, costs and resources.  It also means most of the critical infrastructure has had its lifespan extended, avoiding the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing an entire new system, as well as additional transportation costs and inevitable emissions.

Mälarenergi's cogeneration plant in Västerås is one of Sweden's largest and plays an important role in the sustainable development of the city, with 98 percent of all properties in the locality connected to the district heating network.  Only renewable and recycled fuels are used in the cogeneration plant, which produces 1800GWH of heat and 700GWH of electricity annually and has been continuously upgraded with modern technology to maximize uptime and minimize environmental impact since the 1960s. 

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