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‘Once in an institutional lifetime’: Before and beyond Princeton’s 2026 Campus Plan

By District Energy posted 10-31-2023 15:01


The Daily Princetonian


While adjustments to embodied carbon will likely have a greater aesthetic impact on University construction going forward, there is an even greater change taking place right beneath our feet. Princeton’s thermal energy systems are being transitioned to a geothermal exchange system, which will largely, though not entirely, replace the cogeneration plant and steam distribution system that currently deliver heat, improving the University’s energy efficiency and water usage. “Ironically, the geo-exchange system is invisible,” said McCoy. “When you look at campus, you can’t tell the source of energy.” 

While this is currently the case, Energy Plant Manager Ted Borer is hoping to change that with the new heat pump facility dubbed TIGER (Thermally Integrated Geo-Exchange Resource). 

Borer, his boss Tom Nyquist, and their team advise McCoy and his team on how to most effectively heat, cool, and power their buildings.

“We want to be an example that others can follow, a place where students can learn through our own activities,” said Borer. 

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