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Colorado sees geothermal as a key part of the clean-energy transition. But funding it has proved difficult.

By District Energy posted 11-15-2023 10:51


The Colorado Sun


Colorado officials are steaming up the windows with warm, optimistic words about the potential for geothermal energy from our natural underground boilers to help speed the transition to clean energy. 

But they’re a bit cooler on when private capital will truly step up to fund geothermal projects, which can include expensive drilling, pipelines, heat exchangers and power lines to get off — or out from under — the ground. 

So the state is dangling $5 million in grants in the next year for geothermal projects. Those can range from individual homes using ground-source heat pump technology to utility-scale electric generation drawing on steam from the trusty boiling cauldrons under those delightful hot springs. Colorado also sees potential in so-called “district heating” from steady underground temperatures, using heat exchangers to control temperatures in a group of buildings such as a Colorado Mesa University project. 

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