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District Energy Conserves Water, Cuts Emissions on Both Sides of the Great Lakes

By District Energy posted 12-19-2023 13:15


With water and wastewater systems accounting for at least 30% of public water consumption, and with about a quarter of all water in the built environment wasted, the role of water in the energy transition needs more attention.

But while the need to move away from fossil fuels is widely recognized, local infrastructure and grid planners are still figuring out how decarbonization and water conservation can work hand in hand to build a faster path to net-zero.

This energy-water nexus is one of the cornerstones of a global climate emergency that is often said to be about “water in all the wrong places”. And district energy is emerging as an important part of the solution.

Read the article, written by IDEA President & CEO Rob Thornton on The Energy Mix website!

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