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Emissions compliance period begins for NYC’s Local Law 97

By District Energy posted 01-04-2024 14:38


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New York City’s Local Law 97 entered its first compliance period Monday, mandating that close to 50,000 of the city’s largest buildings meet new energy efficiency requirements and greenhouse gas emissions limits that start in 2024. 

The law requires buildings over 25,000 square feet to slash 40% of their emissions by 2030 and achieve an 80% reduction by 2040. Buildings that cannot meet the 2024 emissions caps can reduce noncompliance penalties for up to two years if they demonstrate a “good-faith” commitment to abide by the law.  

Energy conservation is the cornerstone of a broader decarbonization strategy, said Frank Cuomo, general manager at Consolidated Edison. “You have to squeeze your building and facility as much as you can” to reduce its energy use. “And when you can’t any more, those are the investments you make in the heart and lungs of the building,” he said. Squeezing your loads as much as possible, or getting as much efficiency out of existing systems as possible, should be the first step, he said. 

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