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Trends that will define facilities management in 2024: 12 predictions

By District Energy posted 01-04-2024 15:13


Utility Dive


In 2023, real estate owners, operators and facilities management teams were grappling with high interest rates, ongoing sustainability efforts and a return-to-office push that is reshaping how buildings are managed. 

Facilities Dive asked readers and other experts to share how they think their work will change in 2024. Here’s a selection of responses we received.

Building and energy performance measurement become real as compliance periods take effect 

With New York City’s LL97, “we’ll start to see some building owners, developers and facilities managers face the reality that the law is actually happening. As a utility, we will see a lot more activity from customers inquiring about building assessments and energy assessments. The consulting field will see more activity from customers looking for design options from engineers. [Communities will] look at the success and failures happening in other states or cities.”

Frank Cuomo, general manager, Consolidated Edison

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