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Biomass to Power: Europe with strong capacity growth

By District Energy posted 01-23-2024 06:43


Canadian Biomass


The global market for the generation of electricity from solid biomass continues to grow. Japan is developing into the strongest market in Asia. In Europe, growth is being driven by demand for heating. Until 2032, ecoprog expects more than 1,200 plants with a total capacity of more than 19.1 GWel to go into operation worldwide.
ecoprog published the 14th edition of its annual study on solid biomass power generation. In 2023, the global asset of biomass power plants grew by around 90 plants with a total capacity of more than 2.7 GWel. At just under 950 MWel, capacity growth in Europe was almost on a par with the leading region of Asia.
In Europe, the influence of heat demand for industry and district heating as a determining factor for new projects continues to grow. This is also and especially the case in Germany, where increased project activity can be observed despite an already large plant portfolio. The comparatively high growth in Europe last year is primarily due to the commissioning of major projects in Finland and the United Kingdom. Outside of individual projects in industry, such large-scale projects are no longer being developed in Europe. Spain is an exception to a certain extent, as projects in the size category of around 50 MWel are being developed here with the help of subsidies from separate biomass auctions.