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utiliVisor is proud to announce our new CTO, Paul Gutekunst!

By District Energy posted 01-23-2024 06:34




Not that Paul is new to us: he’s worked as our main software developer since 2007, so he starts his new role with 15+ years of experience in building, maintaining, and integrating our software. He also brings a wealth of experience in mechanical systems from his former life/current hobby as a circle track racer and race car maintenance guru (his brother is also a motorhead and works for Nascar). That car engineering background helps him understand the problems customers face with their building systems.
"The buildings industry is very dynamic from a technical perspective. You're not going to get bored. And it aligns with some of my interests too. Growing up in my teens, I wanted to learn everything about a car, including its wiring and all of the mechanical behind it. Now I'm kind of scaling that up into large scale buildings and campuses," he said.
Paul’s innate curiosity and ability to look at issues holistically are a big part of why our OG CTO, Dave Harroun, first thought of Paul when he decided that – after 4+ decades in operations controls and software – he was ready to step back and take more of an advisory role.

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