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FVB Energy joins BDO Zone Strategic Alliance

By District Energy posted 01-30-2024 18:41


BioEnergy Insight


Ecostrat has announced that FVB Energy has joined the BDO Zone Strategic Alliance.
BDO Zone Strategic Alliance Partners are leading companies in the bioenergy sector that help accelerate and de-risk biobased project development in BDO Zones.
“Sustainability and innovation are a top priority for FVB Energy”, said James Grant, engineering manager, FVB Energy Inc., Ottawa.
“District Energy is our only business, our focus is to advocate for and develop sustainable district energy solutions, incorporating renewable energy sources such as biomass and biogas, and infrastructure transformations to help our clients build sustainable communities.
"We're thrilled to collaborate with the BDO Zone Strategic Alliance, expanding bioenergy to fuel district energy systems throughout North America. Together, our vision aims to redefine perceptions of sustainability, emphasising the importance of bio-based production facilities in constructing a sustainable, low-carbon future.”

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