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District Energy: Securing and Decarbonizing Mission-Critical Operations in the Face of Uncertainty

By District Energy posted 02-21-2024 16:50


Energy Tech


As the world grapples with the challenges of reaching its net-zero goals by 2050, many businesses and organizations have turned to power generation and energy efficiency measures within their own facilities.

The problem that quickly arises for many is that multiple systems must work in tandem at the highest uptime possible to achieve true efficiency with heating, cooling, and powering their processes.

This creates a domino effect where owners and operators can quickly become overwhelmed by the consistent effort and maintenance that individual systems require.

However, from this issue arises a decades-old solution that has been rapidly adopted in countries outside the US and provides a way to secure mission-critical operations while negating the need to have onsite systems at individual facilities - otherwise known as district energy.

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