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Colorado Startup AtmosZero Secures $21 Million to Revolutionize Industrial Steam Production

By District Energy posted 02-27-2024 19:44


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Colorado-based startup AtmosZero has successfully raised $21 million in a Series A round to fund its mission of decarbonizing industrial steam production. The funding was co-led by US fund Engine Ventures and European firm 2150. AtmosZero aims to replace fossil fuel boilers with its innovative system, named Boiler 2.0, which utilizes proprietary heat pump technology.

Steam plays a crucial role in various industrial processes, from brewing to papermaking, and district heating. It accounts for 50% of industrial process heat, 8% of global primary energy use, and contributes to 2.25 gigatonnes of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. Traditional boilers burn fossil fuels to generate steam, but AtmosZero’s system extracts heat from ambient air using heat pumps. This heat is then used to heat up water and create steam, offering a cleaner alternative.

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