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Rolls-Royce drives laundry's self-sufficient energy system

By District Energy posted 03-06-2024 12:23




Rolls-Royce has supplied an almost self-sufficient energy system with mtu battery container and automation system to the Abel laundry in Germany. The system will allow Abel to process up to 60 tons of clean laundry a day with power and heat thanks to Rolls- Royce’s mtu energy solution. The Abel family business operates in a production area of 11,000 square meters for more than 800 customers from the hotel and catering, industry and healthcare sectors. Since 2014, the Abel laundry has been operating its energy centre with an mtu combined heat and power plant, which supplies electricity and heat for the laundry with an efficiency of over 90%.

“We protect the environment sustainably by constantly optimising the use of resources and using energy-efficient plant and machinery. Our overriding principle is to avoid environmental pollution. The energy solutions from Rolls-Royce Power Systems fit in perfectly with our requirements and our operating concept,” explained Christian Abel, managing director of the laundry.

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