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Universities swapping energy sources to geothermal now a growing trend

By District Energy posted 03-06-2024 11:47


ABC News


Some of the most established universities in the country are switching to sustainable energy to power their campuses in an effort to meet climate goals.

Bard College, a private liberal arts college in New York's Hudson Valley, has broken ground on a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system that will replace the decaying oil system that was previously powering the Charles P. Stevenson Jr, Library, the school announced earlier this week.

"Our default is now geothermal," Mark Primoff, associate vice president of communications for Bard College, told ABC News.

The school decided to transform the library's power system because the existing oil field system was reaching the end of its lifetime, Primoff said.

"We refer to that as being 'end of useful life,'" Dave Hermantin, senior vice president of Brightcore Energy's geothermal division, told ABC News. "They needed a quick fix."

Yale University is adding about half a million square feet to its physics, science and engineering complex, which has prompted a geothermal project that will power about 2 million square feet of space, replacing its steam infrastructure, Hermantin said.

Brightcore also has projects in the works at Columbia University, Princeton University, Brown University, setting a sustainable example for other schools to follow.

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