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The world’s largest deep lake water cooling project just got bigger

By District Energy posted 20 days ago


The Globe and Mail


Toronto is digging deep to expand what experts already consider to be one of the coolest and most environmentally friendly energy projects on Earth – the city’s deep lake water cooling system.

Toronto’s Enwave Energy Corp., which owns and operates the giant deep lake water cooling (DLWC) system, already has some 40 kilometres of underground water pipes that snake through Toronto’s downtown and extend about five kilometres into Lake Ontario. The lake pipes channel water to and from a downtown heat transfer station at Pearl Street (west of University Avenue, between Adelaide Street West and King Street West).

At a time when cities, government agencies and many private-sector firms are struggling to build or boost infrastructure projects, Enwave is now expanding the Pearl Street station as part of a $100-million program to increase the system’s reach to even more Toronto buildings. Enwave is co-owned by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and IFM Investors, a group of Australian pension funds.

“The expanded system is expected to be commissioned by the end of this year. We’re increasing our capacity by 40 per cent,” says Carlyle Coutinho, Enwave’s president. The company received funding for the Pearl Street upgrade and additional clean-energy projects from the federal government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund and the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

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