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Ameresco Begins Construction of Biogas Cogeneration Project in Sacramento, California

By District Energy posted 04-08-2024 13:59


Yahoo! Finance


Ameresco, Inc., a leading cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, today announced it entered a nearly $140M contract to develop and construct an advanced technology biogas cogeneration facility for the Sacramento Area Sewer District located at the EchoWater Resource Recovery Facility (EchoWater Facility) near Elk Grove, California.

This on-site renewable energy facility will beneficially utilize biogas (methane), a byproduct of the EchoWater Facility’s solids treatment process, to produce renewable electricity and heat for the EchoWater Facility through an integrated 13.4 MW cogeneration plant that will utilize fuel cell and engine technology. By incorporating the fuel cell system, the project will have exceptional efficiency and reduced pollutant emissions, making it a clean, reliable baseload dispatchable resource. Additionally, the system will allow for the expandability to produce hydrogen in the future.

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