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Ohio Department of Development announces $2M in grants for renewable energy and grid resiliency

By District Energy posted 04-16-2024 14:20


Sciotovalley Guardian


The Ohio Department of Development announced the availability of $2 million in grant funding to bolster electric grid resiliency and support renewable energy projects throughout the state.

The funding is part of the department’s Renewable Energy and Grid Resiliency Program, which offers grants of up to $500,000 to municipalities, businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions. These grants aim to facilitate renewable energy projects and initiatives designed to enhance the state’s electrical infrastructure.

“By investing in renewable energy, we’re not only ensuring our state can adapt to evolving technologies and challenges, but we’re also creating new opportunities for economic development that can improve the quality of life for all Ohioans,” said Lydia Mihalik, Director of the Department of Development.

The program is open to local governments, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, commercial businesses, and manufacturing companies. Funding opportunities range from $250,000 to a maximum award of $500,000, with applicants required to match 10 percent of the funding.

Eligible activities include but are not limited to, small-scale solar, small-scale wind, geothermal, microgrids, microturbines, combined heat and power (CHP), battery storage and subcomponents, and bioenergy that includes gas generation for internal use or electricity generation byproducts.

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