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UConn Sustainability Action Plan Taking Wide-Ranging Approach to ‘Green’ Future

By District Energy posted 04-16-2024 13:09


University of Connecticut


UConn has established a detailed plan to measure progress and achieve a wide range of sustainability goals, a commitment that President Radenka Maric describes as foundational to the University’s core values and mission.

The UConn Sustainability Action Plan delineates specific actions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030; conserve resources; integrate sustainability across UConn’s academic and research activities; ensure equity and engagement; and establish partnerships and support innovation to address sustainability challenges.

UConn is working toward carbon neutrality by 2030 with the goal of being entirely carbon zero by 2040, and serving as a living laboratory to demonstrate and develop new approaches to mitigating climate change’s harmful effects.

In shaping the Sustainability Action Plan, Maric and members of UConn’s Carbon Reduction Working Group included a wide range of voices from climate experts, students, faculty and staff, community partners, and other stakeholders.

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