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FEU targets 50% renewable energy, more sustainable operations by 2028

By District Energy posted 04-22-2024 20:07




Committed to its mission of promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship, Far Eastern University (FEU) aspires to implement more sustainable operations, including the use of 50% renewable energy by 2028.

FEU believes universities can play a crucial role in tackling the global crisis of environmental degradation and climate change.

In a recent seminar on “Braving New Heights for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” FEU president Juan Miguel Montinola emphasized the importance of raising awareness about existing environmental issues and how FEU believes in the effectiveness of the United Nations’ SDGs as a framework in tackling these issues.

“It’s not just sustainability alone, but sustainability with a purpose,” said Montinola. “We are talking about the livability of our planet in the present and in the future, and reflecting on this is something that the university must instill upon the youth.”

Montinola also shared how the university’s drive toward sustainability started more than a decade ago.

One of these initiatives is the strategic investment in a district cooling chilled water plant system, which currently supplies 11 out of 12 campus buildings. This project promotes responsible consumption and climate action, aligning with SDGs 12 and 13.

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